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The Old White Rhino - Part 5


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The Old White Rhino - Part 5


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Aleksei poured over his notes and calculations. Surely this couldn't be true. If it was..had he found his problem? And perhaps, his Nemesis? He wiped the sleep from his eyes and poured another ounce of vodka into his blender bottle full of potato slices. One had to stay healthy in order to be successful.


Over the past week, he'd been running analysis of each of his opponents' top six scoring in their engagement. Only one team had defeated The Phantoms five times out of five, and it was quickly becoming apparent that the true threat came from @Banackock and Bana alone.


Da Bears!


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Not only were their core scoring at an elevated pace compared to other teams, three players in particular were scoring at or over a point per game pace against The Phantoms over the course of the season.  Aleksei circled these in a large red marker:



@Acydburn @FrostBeard @HenrikZoiderberg


These would be the targets over the rest of the season. These players simply could not be allowed to continue their disrespect towards Prague and its people, especially Aleksei squinted Frost...Beard? This John fellow was scoring at a goal per game pace. That was simply unreasonable. If a full season were played against these x, it would mean...Aleksei scribbled some further notes, punched numbers into his calculator, and exhaled forcefully. 72 goals against The Phantoms from a single player.






With vodka-fueled vigor, Alexksi placed his scribbled, crumpled up papers into a file folder, stormed across the hall, and entered Diamond's @diamond_ace office without knocking, slamming the folder onto his desk hard enough to shake the GM's rhinoscerous-bobblehead onto the lush carpet.


"We have problem"


283 Words

TPE for week ending October 13


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