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Mid-Season Breakdown Featuring The Ottawa Lynx


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Mid-Season Breakdown Featuring The Ottawa Lynx


      Welcome to the first edition of the team breakdowns. This is where a few times a season I will take a team in either the VHL or VHLM and break down how their season is going. This week I have chosen to write a short piece on the Ottawa Lynx as they currently sit last place in the VHLM. They will be the only team to get a mid-season breakdown this year. At the end of the season I will be featuring another VHLM to give them a breakdown after a full season of work. Stay tuned for that. Let’s start off by breaking down how the Ottawa Lynx are currently doing in the standings.


Their Record


      The Ottawa Lynx currently hold a 7-34-4 record after 45 games this season. They are sitting in last place in the league and are 23 points back of San Diego for the last playoff spot. Needless to say they won’t have a shot at making the playoffs this season. They hold a goal differential of -102 with only 92 goals for and 194 goals against. They by far have the lowest goals for by any team in the VHLM. Let’s take a look as to why that might be.


Their Roster


      Ottawa is clearly a team that is tanking. They currently only have 7 players on their roster. Some of which may not even be active. They currently have no centre’s in their line up and only 2 Defensemen. The rest being filled with Bots I’m assuming. Quite a few of their players have been moved during the season to acquire draft picks. Now let’s break down a few players left on their roster and their statistics so far this season.


The Stats


      The leading scorer for the Lynx is a right winger by the name of Wonona Levantoes. They currently lead their team with a respectable 48 points in 44 games with 26 goals and 22 assists. Wonona carries the bulk of the offense as the next player below sits at only 34 points. 



      To conclude, it is very obvious this team is in tank mode. They have traded away the majority of their assets to gain future draft picks. Some of these players include Finnegan Macburn that was sent to Mississauga and and duo of players sent to Minnesota by the names of Anthony Amberback and Cody Parkey. In their last 4 trades alone the Ottawa Lynx have acquired 10 draft picks and are going to make a huge impact in the upcoming drafts. While this team currently sits in the basement patiently waiting for its opportunity to rise once again they must now focus on having a flawless draft to see this plan of theirs through.


      Thanks you for taking the time to read this breakdown of the Ottawa Lynx. Next week I’ll be back with a journal entry to break down the two weeks that it’ll be for myself Kris Rice and how the Hounds have been doing since my last entry. Come season end I’ll be focusing in on another team to breakdown how their season has gone. Until next time...


Word count : 530

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