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Who's Scott Greene


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Who's Scott Greene

By Steven Brockman


This has been a question on everyone's lips ever since the VHLM in S66. Scott Greene was a 66th round pick by the Mississauga Hounds and GM Jerry Garcia at the time only picked him for one particular reason. That was his name, Garcia had just finished a big night the night before listening to his favourite Australian Band the Dune Rats and their new Song "Scott Green." This was quite obviously one of the best songs he had ever heard and when the next day he saw that a player named Scott Greene was available he thought he was tripping. So for the memes Garcia picked Greene. 


Greene played surprisingly well for a meme pick getting 47 points in his opening season with Mississauga, this performance then lead him to being drafted 13th in the VHL by the Seattle Bears. Having strongly improved his play at both ends of the ice Greene put up better numbers in the VHL compared to the VHLM which is unheard of in this day and age of the VHL. But even after doing well in his first year he was overshadowed by the ROTY Rayz Funk in the Seattle Bears. Then in the current season Greene has improved again but once again his performance isn't the best in the team let alone the league and he isn't noticed by anyone. With the acquisition of Ylonen Greene is currently the third C in the Bears.


So after all this hard work and effort Greene is still not a household name and his 17 goals this season still have the commentators asking "Who's Scott Greene"


I would like to end this madness Greene is a star VHL player and will be an important part of any team he plays for success. Take a moment to learn who Greene is and stop asking "Who's Scott Greene"


@DoktorFunk @GustavMattias



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