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Jeff Tates Reaches the 100 Point Mark


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Jeff Tates Reaches the 100 Point Mark


Prominent Las Vegas Aces winger Jeff Tates just reached the 100 points mark yesterday in a shootout defeat against his former Saskatoon team. When asked to comment on the game, Tates had the following to say:


"It was a really fun game. We got to see Ondrej (Ohradka) is still doing really well this season, I think even better than last season. Too bad we couldn't get the win!"


At only 47 games, he's now doubled his amount of points from the past season. Not far behind is his line mate Benny Graves (at 97 points), expected to reach the same mark shortly. The pair of forwards have been steadily leading the league in points with no sign of slowing down.


"It's been such a wild season. Benny and I have really had a good synergy going so far, and I hope we can take our team to the top of the standings."


The Aces are currently 4 points behind Houston in the VHLM standings, with one more game played than the Bulls.

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