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Valentino disappointed in Rookie performance


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Washington, District of Columbia - With the very rough inaugural season still underway for the D.C. Dragons, Italian defenseman Luciano Valentino struggles to find his identity on the ice.


"I don't really understand how I can transition so poorly from the VHLM. I understand that the competition we're facing is literally a cut above what I'm used to and these teams we're facing are not new besides our rivals in Prague, however I know can personally do better," Valentino stated with heavy heart.


The 5th overall pick and Assistant Captain is posting an very worrisome -49 +/- with only 34 points under his belt (8 goals and 26 assists). Although Valentino is posting the 2nd most shot blocks in the league with 136 shot blocked, it appears that his main issue is his decision making on the ice. 


"There are games that I feel like I can quarterback the Powerplay and set up my teammates with great shot opportunities with my speed and handles but I know sometimes, often many, I tend to get too confident and underestimate my opponents. I need to learn to understand that I should focus on one area of my game at a time. Whether that be my speed, stick handling, or passing but most definitely not all three at a time," Valentino insisted.


Only time will tell whether D.C.'s first rookie will learn and improve on his mistakes or whether his struggles will continue longer than expected.

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