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Looking Forward to another chance at Gold


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8:30 PM, October 8th - Writer: Justas Jarutis


Last time we saw Canada they didn't do so well and ended the tournament with a disappointing 4-4-2 record, at times we saw a contending attitude but the lack of motivation and will to get the job done had the coaching staff miserable most nights. In the first round the team defeated the underwhelming Americans, questions still lingered if they were ready for the next round and the nation was nervous, it turns out they weren't. The Europeans ended their hopes and defeated the team 5-4, they scored 3 times in the 1st period to give their team the momentum early in the game and would be the edge they needed.


The ending was better than the finish though and the audience was stunned when the Canadians struck back, giving an effort we all hoped for, with rage they tallied 3 in the second half of the game and Scotty BigShotty found a way to tie it up. Celebration was short lived and it didn't take long for Lucas Nygren to find a way to score, scoring 4 minutes into the 3rd that would freeze the Canadians the rest of the game. Team Europe would move onto the championship round and lose to team World 6-1 in another lopsided game that nobody was expecting. We think the game that brought the motivation down was the defeat against Asia where they allowed 7 goals against and had zero defensive effort against a weaker 0-3 club, this would spark Team Asia and they would go on to win their next 2 games.


:can: Returning players..

The returning player TPE average is 293.28

LW Blake Laughton:vhllogo:Prague Phantoms TPE:345

S67 WJC GP:10 G:7 A:1 P:8 +/-:+7 

S68 PRG GP:52 G:18 A:19 P:37 +/-:-15

*averaged 3 hits a game


C Alex Pearson:vhllogo:Prague Phantoms TPE:323

S67 WJC GP:10 G:5 A:3 P:8 +/-:+1

S68 PRG GP:52 G:14 A:20 P:34 +/-:-25


C Scotty BigShotty:vhllogo:Prague Phantoms TPE:321

S67 WJC GP:10 G:2 A:5 P:7 +/-:-2

S68 PRG GP:52 G:14 A:24 P:38 +/-:-17


LW Micha Sage:vhllogo:New York Americans TPE:301

S67 WJC GP:10 G:1 A:4 P:5 +/-:E

S68 NYA GP:52 G:12 A:17 P:29 /-:+3



LW Brendan Plunkett:vhllogo:Toronto Legion TPE:299

S67 WJC GP:10 G:2 A:10 P:12 +/-:-2 

S68 TOR GP:53 G:8 A:10 P:18 +/-:-9

*lead the tournament with 8 power play assists


D Seabass Perrin :vhllogo:Prague Phantoms TPE:293

S67 WJC GP:10 G:1 A:5 P:6 +/-:-3

S68 PRG GP:52 G:11 A:20 P:31 +/-:-19


RW Ryan Busser :vhlmlogo: Halifax 21st TPE:239


S67 WJC GP:10 G:2 A:7 P:9 +/-:-4 

S68 HFX/MCK GP:47 G:23 A:18 P:41 +/-:+4

*lead tournament with 1.71 P/20 in round robin stage, next highest was 1.42


G Fang Flashblack :vhllogo:Calgary Wranglers TPE:225

S67 WJC GP:10 W:4 L:3 OT:2 PCT:95.5 GAA:3.60

S68 CGY GP:5 W:3 L:2 OT:0 PCT:87.8 GAA:3.24

*only goaltender to have an assist in the tournament, had 2 in 10 games


:can: New players..

The new faces have a total of 205.25 TPE

D Brock Louth :vhlmlogo: Mississauga Hounds TPE:292

RW Jeff Tates :vhlmlogo: Las Vegas Aces TPE:246

C Nate Telker :vhlmlogo: Houston Bulls TPE:203

D Ricky Johnson :vhlmlogo: Philadelphia Reapers TPE:198

D Alyksander Hunter :vhlmlogo: Mexico City Kings TPE:190

RW Benson Kramer :vhlmlogo: Halifax 21st TPE:155

G Bruce Theodore :vhlmlogo: Halifax 21st TPE:65


Total team TPE average is 246.33


As you can see we are going to have a fair mix of players this time around, 8 returnees and 7 new faces. Expect ice-time favor the returning forward players and look out for the same deadly offensive touch that they had to score 32 total goals in their last showing together. We should see a fair bit of these beginners though, Louth, Johnson and Hunter, defenders with a point to prove and if they can seal the deal the Canadians have a fair chance at going all the way. Don't count out Jeff Tates though, he is having an outstanding year in the minors, he has totaled 100 points with 25 games left in the season.


At the end of the day we see a stronger Canadian line up this year and expectations are definitely higher too, the offense got stronger, the defense got stronger and Flashback should hold down the fort in net. If the team can keep motivated and they have a winning mentality consistently through the tournament we don't see why they cant go all the way. All players will play double time and are encouraged to keep hydrated at all times, get enough sleep and find ways to keep motivated. 


Thanks for taking the time to read! Ciao for now! - J.J.


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20 hours ago, Berocka said:

It is just such a shame that Team USA is going to bring home the gold this year isn't it...

Man if you believe that you're gonna be very disappointed this year.

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