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Wolves vs Bears: How Natural Rivals Stack Up [1/2]

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Wolves vs Bears: How Natural Rivals Stack Up


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Over the last two seasons, a natural rivalry has developed between @Banackock's Seattle Bears and @Beaviss's Vancouver Wolves, and more often than not it seems that the bigger, bolder, badder team takes home the prize. It's a wonderland of snow, ice, and blood between these two. Let's dive in and take a deep look. 


For reference, the following players will be evaluated based on the S68 season stats between The Bears and The Wolves:





The most important statistic, The Bears have bested The Wolves more often than not, running an impresive 66% winrate against their division rivals only the second year into their rebuild. With three games left in the season series, there's no chance at a tie and one team is bound to come out ahead. Can The Bears maintain their momentum through to the end of the season, or will the Wolves surge back to win at least two more, and the series over the course of the season?


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Goal Scoring:


Two Bears players have feasted on Greg Eagles this season, subduing his flight into the record books - Henrik Zoiderberg @HenrikZoiderberg and Maxim Kovalchuk @Banackock - both of these forwards have put on a snipe show against The Wolves, scoring at least a goal every other game. For reference, at this scoring pace across a full season,  Zoiderberg would be a 36 goal scorer (currently on a career-high 19 goals), and Kovalchuk would be a 60 goal scorer (career-high of 30 in S62). Whatever the reason, these two players seem to have Eagles figured out when it comes to finish, and that number is only going to increase as The Bears' players come into their primes. 


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Call The Wolves Goldilocks, because three Bears skaters find putting up apples to fit them just right. Acyd Burn @Acydburn, Berocka Sundqvist @Berocka, and Joel Ylonen @Esso2264 all run a 67% chance of putting up an assist when facing The Wolves. Sundqvist's sucess clearly goes hand in hand with Zoiderberg's aformentioned scoring, and who is a product of who's skill has yet to be determined. As The Bears grow from year to year, both of these two will emerge in their own right, perhaps to lead their own lines down the road. Acyd's leadership clearly shines through in this cateogry, as The Bears' Captain encourages a pass-first mentality and works to see his players succeed no matter what struggles they face together.




Given the small sample size, it could be easy to throw this data out as outlyers, but the evidence, especially for players like Kovalchuk, does seem telling. There's a story to be told here. A story of one team ascending, and one team on the decline. As in nature, it seems The Bears will feast on The Wolves for years to come. Beaviss should be given respect for his team's championship last season, but it may be many, many seasons before The Wolves are a viable team again. Such is the way of the cold north.


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2 hours ago, DoktorFunk said:

Almost as dumb as Beaviss trading for Starload.

You mean that one player with lots of talent who statistically under performs all the time? 


1 hour ago, HenrikZoiderberg said:


The white pee that's kept in the balls, maybe.

Coconut oil? 

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Let's take the veracity of opinions out of the stirring pot for a moment. I think it's great that your article drew some heated responses, and voicing strong opinions that leave some grey area is a fantastic way to write an article. This is how we get long-term rivalries, which we need for the VHL history books. Keep doin' your thing.

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