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Storm comments on growing draft intrest

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Q: Your high-level play has caused your name to shoot up draft boards, what are your thoughts about your future in the VHL systems?

A: Really, I try to ignore all the white noise, yes, it’s always nice to look forward to the great things in the future but doing that risks missing the amazing opportunity and moments in the present. Right now, I’m focusing on what I can do at Halifax I think we have a really talented core and we can make a strong push in the playoffs. Of course, I am very proud that the hard work I’m putting in is being recognised but I’m prouder of that hard work more so then the acknowledgment.


Q: What are your thoughts about your draft competition?

A: Last time I saw I think I was ranked sixteenth or so, I’m always looking at my rivals trying to learn from them and improve as a player. Every time I see a player that is better than me I am always mimicking what they do improve. Through doing this I hope to constantly improve as a player and those rankings aren’t my priority moving up those rankings wouldn’t hurt considering future options.

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