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Last 10 games vs Previous 10 games (Halifax)


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It's been 10 games since the Halifax 21st shipped their 1st round/3rd round draft picks to acquire right winger Ryan Busser and we wanted to look at how the team has changed since making the trade. We know Busser has been playing great and already has 7 points but how has the team performed as a whole? 


Last 10 Record: 5-3-2 (12)

Previous 10 Record: 3-6-1 (7)


Last 10 Goals For: 28 (2.8)

Previous 10 Goals For: 27 (2.7)


Last 10 Goals Against: 23 (2.3)

Previous 10 Goals Against: 30 (3.0)


Last 10 Shots: 25.9 (259/10.8%)

Previous 10 Shots: 21.9 (219/12.3%)


Last 10 Shots Against: 20.3 (203/14.7%)

Previous 10 Shots Against: 20.2 (202/11.3%)


Last 10 Power Play: 7/40 (17.5%)

Previous 10 Power Play: 8/26 (30.7%)


Last 10 Penalty Kill: 30/40 (75%)

Previous 10 Penalty Kill: 33/42 (78%)


Right away we see a difference in their competitive level and instead of getting lucky against top teams the 21st have been able to weather storm a lot better, 2 of their 5 wins are against top teams Minnesota/Las Vegas and they had three 6 goal games in the process, before their only good win was against Yukon and could only muster maybe 3 goals a game. Despite the big difference in goals the team has only been able to win 2 in a row in their previous 10 games and will be a boulder on the shoulder in the playoffs if they cant figure it out. It is safe to say Halifax has improved but will have to continue making minor tweaks until they find the right lines and consistency with all the talent they have.


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