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David O'Quinn

Player Analysis - Aleksander the Great (Aleksander Rodriguez)

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Aleksander Rodriguez

Position: RW

Age: 16

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 205 lb. 

TPA: 511

VHL Draft: 3rd round, 24th OA to Riga

VHLM Draft: 1st round, 2nd OA to Mexico City




Tonight on the Roger Pennies Show™, we fulfill a popular request, reviewing the top scoring forward on the New York Americans, the American born Aleksander Rodriguez. Let's begin.


During Rodriguez's two year stint in the VHLM, he skated for two different teams. In S65, his first VHLM season, he skated for Ottawa scoring 24 goals and assisting on 35 for 59 points in his first 72 games. In his second year, drafted to Mexico, he played much better ending the year with 36 goals and assisting on 54 for 90 pts. The team made it to the postseason, but fell short, as did his performance, with 3 pts in 5 games. He managed a 1.03 PPG average during his VHLM years.


By the time he had reached the skill to become a VHL player, he had already been traded to New York in a package deal with picks that would become Derek England and Ryo Yamazuki II, as a part of the New York American's plot that offseason to tear their team down and rebuild. In his first VHL year, he managed to score 17 goals and assist on 25 for 42 pts in 72 games for the Americans. In the following (and current) year, he has managed to score 17 goals and assist on 36 for 53 pts, in 58 games. So far in his VHL career he has managed a 0.73 PPG average, managing to be 30th of 153 for total points, and 2nd on his team behind defenseman Guy Legrand, a player who is a year less experienced than him. Additionally, he is 4th in New York goalscoring, two players also a year less experienced than him, one himself who is a rookie, and one who is a second-year VHL player alike Rodriguez. He is certainly not a goalscorer, and one may wonder whether the goalscoring stats on his team are a product of him, or if his playmaking stats are a product of them. There are other questions to be asked aswell, such as the availability of icetime to this player, or if the quality of his opponents has spiked his production, which it may have done to many North American Conference teams. Not to discredit Rodriuguez, however, as he is indeed 30th in league scoring.


Six players from S66 or S67 have more points than him, and twelve in total have more points than him OR five less points than him. This makes him right in the middle of the active S66/S67 pack which altogether isn't all that special. Fan's of the league may look more towards his out-competing S66 Counterparts, or his S67 colleagues who are catching up to, or have outright surpassed him with a year less experience, but it also seems like he will be a reliable middle 6 forward who will never require the top paycheck the likes of his teammate Legrand may ask for one day. This means he can still be a valuable asset, or trade bait, though for which team he will play for next year is up in the air, as Rodriguez has stated, rather emotionally, his intentions to not return to New York and hit the free agency market.


This has been Roger Pennies, later tonight we'll bring you the full shakedown on the VHLM Dispersal Draft. Again. 



569 Words. Claiming my 2nd donation doubles week seen here


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A great article and it actually follows up everything that I have done so far lol, but I believe leading a expansion VHLM team into the playoff should have more credit with 9 GWG? :(  (You nay not know, but our superstar goalie didn't play the first 3 games because of some issues) and psttt edit that I was on team USA when they got that medal ;) (Btw you should contact @studentized for some advanced stats, he's a great dude. It seems that I don't really have a lot of ice time somehow in the sim lol. I had like around 950 minutes so far and the others already had almost 1200 like a week ago)


At the end of the day, this article summary was spot on and you should do more for other players 'cuz it's fun to read (idk if you're and ready doing it) HHH next!

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