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Well everyone is eagerly awaiting the S68 World Junior Championship that's to be held at home for Team Canada in the city of Montréal, Québec. Tickets are selling out and there's some fear that if the team this year repeats what they accomplished last year, which is not winning a single fucking thing that the city on Montreal will riot to levels not seen since the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1993. So the pressure is on!


Some players seem beyond excited to be a part of the team. Seabass Perrin, who is a strong contender for team Canada's top pairing was seen last night sporting his team Canada jersey in a Toronto nightclub after Perrin's VHL team, the Prague Phantoms beat the Toronto Legion 4-3. He was caught on video doing a kegstand and screaming "TEAM CANADA GONNA WIN GOLD!" afterwards and it's now going viral on social media. Perrin was reached for comments on the video and all he said was that he's not sorry and that he stands behind his prediction while inebriated. 


Perrin was a member of last year's terrible tournament and he mentioned that he wants to "make up for that shitty year" by bringing home the goal this year. In last years tournament Perrin played 9 games and scored 6 points and was a -3.  

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