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Alex Pearson arrested outside Montreal Night Club


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With the world juniors just days away, One Veteran player has landed himself in some hot water. Prague Phantoms Forward Alex Pearson was recently arrested, along with teammate Seabass Perrin ( @Sebster03)for assault and public Indecency after an drunk Montrealer allegedly screamed “Prague Fucking sucks!”


In the short 25 Second video we see the drunk pedestrian approach the Players as they take turn doing keg stands, both players heavily intoxicated, Turn around to face the pedestrian who gets a little to close to Pearson for his liking, Pearson then proceeds to Urinate on the pedestrian, who then punches Pearson in the face and Perrin comes to the defence of his teammate, a brawl between multiple unnamed Pedestrians and the teammates.


As Pearson and Perrin were escorted away by officers, along with the agonizing Pedestrian Pearson is seen throwing up on the cop car, which clearly can’t be too good for his case.


Both players were released on bail, and will play for Canada in their first game and aren’t expected to miss time due to this incident. Although both players have court dates next April. 


Canada GM @MexicanCow123 Was attempted to be reached for interview about the incidents, but his phone was probably dead or something.


TSN Signing off, This has been Icee Weiner

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58 minutes ago, Sebster03 said:

I've got your back brother, would do it again! No regrets.


Props to you on getting me out for kegstands for a 2nd night in a row for yet another viral video though didnt think I had another bender in me. Lol

Man we’re Canadian we always have another bender in us ? 

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