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Palo embarrassed , -20% coupons to SuperAlko not good


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It's not unusual to hear professional hockey players getting some kind of extra benefits on top of their salary could be a car or a nice place to live in the center of the city. They don´t get them for free of course, but a nice deal that is worth taking. For Riga Reign, its no different, but recently joined Rauno Palo has caused a stir by publicly claiming the coupons given to him by the Reign management was no good, in his own words: they were written with a ballpoint pen.


Here is Palo´s full comment on the case:



I went to SuperAlko earlier, tried to use the -20% coupons that were given to me, but they did not work. That was super embarrassing, Riga is an organization with a strong professionalism vibe, but in this case, the coupons were not up to the same level, they were written with a ballpoint pen.


I called the GM right away on the parking lot, he asked what I was doing in SuperAlko when everybody else was sweating in practice. I told him to take it easy I´m at most 45 minutes late. That was that. Going to meet with GM tomorrow and talk more about the whole coupon case.






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12 hours ago, Nykonax said:

wtf you got 20% off, i only got 5%

I´m the MVP, I asked for 50%, but they said that is for management only.


9 hours ago, Elmebeck said:

I love that it's named "Alko" in Finland. In Sweden we had to hide it behind jargon and technical words "The System Company" or however you translate Systembolaget. Alko goes for the jugular. 

? Quite surprising, Finland has the reputation on being super strict with all the rules and technicalities.  Systembolaget has nice ring to it, Alko has bit of a negative vibe to it here, all the drunks and alcohol abusers pop into everyones mind when the word Alko is mentioned.

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