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Mikey Blade Succeeding in Riga!


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While a lot of the latest league news revolves around retirements, a GM stepping down and nonsensical drama including Da Trifecta a specific player has fallen under the radar a bit. That player is none other than Mikey Blade. 


I felt it appropriate to bring Blade up at this time considering the circumstances for which he was traded. Bushito and his player Damon Tyrael made it known to the league wide that he was likely leaving Riga to take over as a GM. Riga could of easily tried to persuade Bushito to stick around and live life as a player but instead found a willing trade partner with Seattle and managed to get a underrated potential star power player in the trade. That player is of course Mikey Blade. 


While he certainly didn't under perform in Seattle, Blade never really had a huge break out year, and as such not many expected him to make a huge impact in Riga. Season 37 has been in fact a great year for Mikey Blade. Before the Reign acquired Kameron Taylor, Blade was leading the team in points. Even despite Taylors presence Blade is only 3 points back of the eilte center with 80 points in 59 games played. 


While one has to question whether or not Riga can win a Cup with Kameron Taylor and Malcom Spud this season or next, Blade helps add some star power for potentially several seasons after Taylor and Spud have left. This season has certainly proved that he compliments the Riga roster very nicely, and could play a very important role if Riga were to make a long playoff push in the future. 

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