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Don Draper - A Season In Review


Well, Season 37 has almost met its conclusion. The teams who were lucky enough to make it are now gearing up for playoffs with only 5 or 6 regular season games remaining for them, while the teams who unfortunately did not make the playoffs are likely polishing their clubs and getting set to hit the links. Being the end of Season 37, it means that it has been almost a full season since defenseman Don Draper surprised as all when he announced his entrance to VHLM Dispersal Draft and went tenth overall to the Yukon Rush. Many moons ago, although it seems like it was only yesterday, we did a rookie profiling of Draper. Our conclusion at that point was that Draper was not yet being the player that he could be. Today, we're going to take another look at him, as we rapidly approach the end of the season, and see how he has progressed as a player.


Draper laying some guy out.


First off, let’s talk stats. Thus far this season, Draper has amassed a total of thirty-two points; fourteen goals and eighteen assists. Now, obviously, those numbers are nothing to go crazy about. However, those numbers do reflect the work Draper has put in to improve this season. When he was first picked up by Yukon, many analysts and scouts expected Draper to just be a solid defenseman with not much to offer as far as offence goes. Now, he has emerged as a defenseman with great offensive potential in the future. It is extremely important that Draper keeps working on his offensive game going into the Season 38 VHL Entry Draft if he wants to continue increasing his value; which leads us into our next point.

Way back when we did our profiling of Don Draper, one of the strong suits we mentioned was ‘overwhelming dedication’. Well, I can happily say that we were correct in making that statement. Just this week, Draper surpassed the 100 practice hour mark – a great accomplishment for any rookie. Additionally, as a result of his hard work and determination, he has gone from eighth overall in draft projections to fourth. Overall, we believe Draper has greatly improved this season. He proved that he was worth the first-round pick and he has emerged as one of the most promising prospects in this seasons draft class.


After making multiple calls to the Yukon Rush offices, we finally convinced them to let us ask both

Don Draper and GM Austin Gow one question each:




Q: “Mr. Draper, how do you feel about the season thus far? Do you think you lived up the expectations of yourself, your team, your fans, etc?”


“Well, I mean, I think I did everything I could this season. Pretty much immediately after announcing my entrance to the VHLM I was on a plane to the Yukon and I think I jumped into it feet first. I don’t think I can speak for team or my fans but as far as my personal expectations and goals go, I don’t think I could have asked for a better rookie season.”


Q: “Mr. Gow, what do you think? Did he live up to expectations? Do you think you made the right choice when you picked Mr. Draper?”


“He absolutely lived up to expectations; surpassed them, even. You know, he’s one of those guys that has just the right amount of fire under their ass. He’s always to trying to improve and that is all I can ask for. As for whether or not I made the right call, I believe I did and I will continue to stand by that decision.”

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

617 words. Lol, I think eaglesfan036 can lose the erection for you now, but it's no secret that you've been a solid first generational player thus far. These are always feel-good stories and I wish you the best wherever you go in the draft. You've certainly earned it.

Grammar: 2/2

as all = us all

Appearance: 1/1


Overall: 6/6

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