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VHLM Newsletter #40

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VHLM Newsletter #40

  1. Uncapped TPE Opportunities

    1. Time Sensitive Tasks --- These are happen every now and then

    2. Weekly Tasks --- These can be done weekly and you should do your best to attempt them

    3. Once in a Career Tasks --- These can be done once in a career. Some are time restricted, others just get them done.

    4. Any Time and Repeatable Tasks --- If you can do them and often the more tpe you can get

  2. News Around the League

    1. VHL

    2. VHLM

    3. Special Tournaments or Events

  3. Capped TPE Earning Guide

Uncapped TPE Opportunities


Time Sensitive Tasks


  • Theme Week: Up to 8 TPE up for grabs. - Go talk about the history of the VHL


Weekly Tasks


  • Practice Facility: Practice has changed. Go to the portal and under ‘Earn’ on the right side click ‘Practice Facility

  • VHL Fantasy Zone: There are two types of weekly VHL Fantasy Challenges

    • VHL Pick 'Em --- 4 games are chosen and you just have to pick who wins each. If you get all 4 right you get 2 uncapped TPE.

    • VHL Predict the Score --- 1 game is chosen and you just have to pick the final score. If you get it exactly right you get 3 uncapped TPE.

    • Note you can quote anyone you want or copy someone's answers.

  • VHLM Fantasy Zone: Very similar to the VHL Fantasy Zone but it's usually in a google doc, and you must be a vhlm player.

    • Pick ‘Em --- 4 games selected and you just who you think will win.

    • Predict the Score --- Again 1 game is choose and you pick who will win and what the score will be.

    • This one won’t have the answers in the other entries in the forum but there should be a google response page to see what other people are saying.


Once in a Career Tasks


  • Career Point Task

    • S70 draft and above

      • Junior Review - A review of your players career up to the point they join the VHLM/declare for their VHL draft 

        • (Can be written at any point, but preferably when you're in the VHLM)

        • 400 words minimum for 5 TPE

      • Prospect Scouting Report - Short review of VHLM career,  focus on pros/cons, or other method of scouting report

        • (To be written during a Player's VHL Draft Season, up until the start of the following season)

        • 400 words minimum for 5 TPE

      • Rookie Experience - Talk about graduating to the VHL, expectations, reservations, etc.

        • (To be written during your VHL Rookie Season)

        • 400 words minimum for 5 TPE

      • Veteran Presence - Talk specifically about what it means to become a veteran on a team and how it's different than being a rookie. This is more of a roleplaying PT than a career summary

        • (to be written during your third or fourth post-draft season)

        • 400 words minimum for 5 TPE

      • BiographyCareer recap

        • (to be written during your 8th season, 800 Words, 8 TPE)

        • 800 words minimum for 10 TPE

    • S69 draft and below

      • Rookie Profile - Once per career, you can write a rookie profile that specifically details your player's strengths and weaknesses on the ice. Think of this like a scouting report, where you're telling GMs what to expect out of your player. A more detailed rubric for the rookie profile can be found on this page. This report must be at least 500 words in length, and focus only on your player's on-ice attributes. When turning this task in, be sure to submit it under "Other" --> "Rookie Profile"

      • Player Biography - Once per career, you can write a biography about your player for a whopping TEN uncapped TPE! The biography must be at least 1000 words in length while detailing the history of your player's life, starting off the ice and eventually working up toward it. A more specific rubric can be found on the page here. When claiming the TPE for this task, make sure you submit it under via portal as "Other" --> "Biography"


  • First Gen Player

    • First Generation Bonus - Hit 100 TPE and post in this thread to get 10 TPE

    • Player Store

      • First Generation Doubles Week - Purchase this pack in the players store to get a doubles week worth 6 TPE for 1.5 Mil, The Salary of your first year in the VHLM

      • The First Generation - Purchase this pack for 5 TPE for .5 Mil.

  • VHLM Graduation Bonus - Hit 251 TPE and get 20 TPE bonus

  • Lottery - For every capped TPE you earn in a week you get that many chances to win in the lottery. Lots of great prizes 



Any Time and Repeatable Tasks


  • Recruit a Friend TPE - Probably the best way to earn some uncapped TPE is to recruit a friend! You can receive some hefty uncapped TPE bonuses by recruiting a friend and helping them make a player! You can earn up to 15 Uncapped TPE from a single recruitment! For more information, click this link.

  • Triva Questions - Every now and then the triva masters will ask for questions. If you submit a question and they use it you get 1 uncapped TPE



News Around the League



  • The Seattle Bears are the first team to clinch a playoff spot.

  • The European Conference is a tough conference where every team other than the expansion team is above 500.

  • The top 4 teams all hail from the European Conference.

  • If Moscow was in the North American Conference they would be #2 over there but alas they are #5 and sitting outside a playoff spot in the European.

  • Defending Champs Vancouver Wolves traded their captain and are #2 in the North American Conference

  • Retiring Player Matt Thompson is on a mission to end his career with some crazy stats leading the league with 52 Goals and 55 Assists

  • Finn Davison is playing out of his mind with 10 shutouts a .930 save percentage and 2.11 GAA



  • Houston Bulls, Las Vegas Aces, and the Minnesota Storm all have clinched a playoff spot

  • The Ottawa Lynx have been eliminated from playoff contention

  • Spots 4-6 are still a close battle with less than 7 points between those teams

  • All teams from 1-7 are above .550 which is a good sign to see a lot of teams competing.

  • Las Vegas has the top two Goal Scores with Jeff Tates and Benny Graves at 61 and 56 respectively.

  • Benny Graves also is leading the league with Assists with 68 but Chad Gilbert of the Marlins is close on his heels with 66 Assists

  • Sean McGee is the Goalie to watch with 10 Shutouts, a save percentage of .904, and a GAA of 1.66


Special Tournaments or Events


The WJC is about to begin. Get ready to see young players play for pride and country in this great tournament









Capped TPE Earning Guide


You can only earn 12 Capped TPE in a week.

  1. 6 point tasks

    1. Media Spot - 500 words about anything league related and 6 tpe is yours

    2. Graphic - Make a nice graphic and get 6 tpe more info in link

    3. Podcast - 10 mins talking about the league and the 6 tpe is yours

  2. Welfare

    1. 4 points - Any member: 4 TPE/week

    2. 5 points - Claimable by members who have had 2 previous players above 400 TPE: 5 TPE/week

    3. 6 points - Claimable by members who do a PT in a partnered league: 6 TPE/week

  3. Mini Tasks

    1. Articles - 150 words and 2 tpe is yours.

    2. Graphic - post another graphic here 

    3. Podcast - 5 min podcast for 3 tpe

  4. Press Conferences - 2 tpe between the two below options

    1. Asking Questions - For every 3 questions you answer you get 1 tpe

    2. Answering Questions - For every 5 questions you ask you get 1 tpe

  5. Reviewing -  You can receive a maximum of 2 TPE by reviewing other people’s Media/Graphics/Podcasts.

  6. Trivia - Weekly trivia. For every question you get right you get 1 tpe.

  7. Jobs - Get a job. Help the league. Get Paid.




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