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Collier Still Driving Offense in Cologne


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Did This Train Arrive Too Late?


David Collier is still putting points on the board for Cologne even in the absence of Kameron Taylor and Malcolm Spud


COLOGNE, Germany - Although he may be doing this a season late, David Collier is still putting up points, although not at the torrid pace he was earlier in the season. A normal guess would be that the German forward would see a large drop-off after the departures of superstar center Kameron Taylor, top 4 defender Malcolm Spud, and depth veteran forward Guido Schwarz Esq. to the Riga Reign, a move that brought in a bounty of riches for the re-tooling turned rebuilding Cologne Express. Collier currently has 78 points in 58 games, which has already surpassed his career-high and will most likely be the highest point total of his career. Collier is also managing to maintain a +3 on a Cologne team now devoid of most offensive talent (other than himself). Should Collier maintain his offensive prowess, the Express may be able to get more value for him in a possible rental trade next season than he really would be worth.

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It's funny, Collier's build was the reason I thought he wasn't up to the level he should have been. If that was differently who knows what Dunlop, Taylor and Collier would've done. Having said that, usually from what I've seen is that only ⅔ of a line produces in the sim.


Good read Corco!

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