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Beer and lions


While he is mostly known for his scoring ability on the ice (at least this season) or his habit to drink two to eight beers over his personal limit, Ron World Peace can also impress with an unseen political statement. As most people are actually surprised that he actually possesses the brain power to release such a statement on his own, the animals concerned – they are lions – may be the most delighted.


The back ground of the whole story is delicate: The official zoo of Copenhagen decided to kill a giraffe a few weeks back and fed it to their lions in front of a public crowd. Now those lions got eliminated two days ago as well to make way for a new generation of fellow members of their species. After the incident took place last week, Ron World Peace was outraged when he heard of these obscure happenings. “Animals are a part of our world like beer is,” as he said when arriving in Denmark’s capital, “there should be no possible way that we do tolerate such cruel and shocking behavior.” He went off to gather with other supporters he had organized for a demonstration for animal rights in front of the zoo.



Beautiful artwork of World Peace


World Peace also managed to convince a team mate of his, Bern Royals goalie Blaine Olynick, to join his cause. The congenial second half of the duo that is the last line of Bern’s defense has already been close to World Peace last season when they played together in the Swiss’ capital. Olynick has had noticeably less time in the last weeks to raise his voice for the animals as his agent was announced as the new general manager of the Royals after the reigning one, Bu Shito, stepped down.  “Oh, I really cannot blame him that he is trying to help his buddy out there in the office. Times have been busy in Bern because we obviously try to be the cream of the crop in the VHLM,” World Peace said in Copenhagen, “given that fact, I totally understand that Blaine is not able to support our cause as much as before.”


So, surprisingly World Peace has found a supporter for his impossible mission. But of course, if a maniac like him gets vocal on a matter nearly as controversial as his drinking habits he did not have to wait too long for others to voice their contrary opinions: Cologne Express GM Alexander Schneider, whose team holds World Peace’s draft rights after selecting him in the second round of the VHL entry draft this year said that “if I have the right to be totally honest here, then I might ask: What drugs is Ron currently taking again? We already talked about the loving relationship between him and alcohol earlier this season, but it does seem like I need to get back at him. He can be really someone to steal your life time in a total of multiple years.”

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

503 words. Your Media Spots are unique, I will say that.

Grammar: 2/2

lions = Lions (in the title)

general manager = General Manager

Bu Shito = Bushito

Copenhagen, "given = Copenhagen. "Given

entry draft = Entry Draft

Appearance: 1/1

Center alignment, nice font, etc.

Overall: 6/6

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