D.C. Dragons All-Time Stats

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All-time totals: http://bit.ly/DCD_Stats



S68: The Inauguration

72 GP, 20-49-3, 146 GF, 262 GA, -116 Diff

Mikko Aaltonen (DCD) - 40G, 38A, 78P, -34, 42PIM, 109HIT, 55SB [C]

Piotr Jerwa (DCD) - 24G, 31A, 55P, -43, 92PIM, 110HIT, 104SB*

Dan Gles (DCD) - 14G, 36A, 50P, -48, 50PIM, 103HIT, 25SB

Luciano Valentino (DCD) - 12G, 36A, 48P, -56, 103PIM, 100HIT, 190SB [A]
Kaspars Claude (DCD) - 19G, 26A, 45P, -46, 62PIM, 105HIT, 23SB [A]

Charles Drumm (DCD) - 4G, 31A, 35P, -37, 6PIM, 10HIT, 119SB**
Robert Malenko (DCD) - 13G, 20A, 33P, -28, 18PIM, 32HIT, 104SB
Devin Gabella (DCD) - 12G, 12A, 24P, -44, 31PIM, 73HIT, 14SB
Sven Hitz (DCD) - 3G, 13A, 16P, -58, 171PIM, 279HIT, 151SB


Pekka Pouta (DCD) - 59GP, 19-37-3, 0.906SV%, 3.33GAA, 1SO, 2064SA***
Joe Nixon (DCD) - 9GP, 3-4-0, 0.914SV%, 3.44GAA, 0SO, 314SA



*traded to Davos after 50 games with D.C.

**played 57 games in D.C. after being traded from Vancouver

***played 59 games in D.C. after being traded from Vancouver


S69: The Renewal

72 GP, 25-41-6, 140 GF, 212 GA, -72 Diff

Mikko Aaltonen (DCD) - 35G, 30A, 65P, -25, 42PIM, 110HIT, 26SB, GWG

Luciano Valentino (DCD) - 11G, 35A, 46P, -25, 24PIM, 62HIT, 99SB, GWG

Piotr Jerwa (DCD) - 15G, 26A, 41P, -18, 110PIM, 216HIT, 116SB, GWG

Charles Drumm (DCD) - 1G, 36A, 37P, -33, 26PIM, 49HIT, 119SB, GWG

George Washington (DCD) - 5G, 29A, 34P, -20, 99PIM, 101HIT, 18SB, GWG

Benny Graves (DCD) - 15G, 18A, 33P, -24, 58PIM, 131HIT, 11SB, GWG

Ricky Johnson (DCD) - 3G, 24A, 27P, -38, 116PIM, 155HIT, 112SB, GWG

Jeff Tates (DCD) - 11G, 11A, 22P, -17, 16PIM, 37HIT, 4SB, GWG
Guy Lesieur (DCD) - 12G, 10A, 22P, -35, 39PIM, 96HIT, 20SB, GWG
Balentine Kidd (DCD) - 10G, 8A, 18P, -13, 23PIM, 69HIT, 8SB, GWG
Mac Hooper (DCD) - 9G, 5A, 14P, -19, 24PIM, 46HIT, 8SB, GWG

Dan Gles (DCD) - 3G, 7A, 10P, -12, 10PIM, 31HIT, 7SB, GWG
Kaspars Claude (DCD) - 5G, 4A, 9P, -23, 34PIM, 45HIT, 8SB, GWG

Boone Jenton (DCD) - 3G, 4A, 7P, -11, 6PIM, 19HIT, 26SB, GWG
Chad Gilbert (DCD) - 0G, 0A, 0P, -1, 2PIM, 1HIT, 0SB, GWG


Pekka Pouta (DCD) - 54GP, 19-31-3, 0.906SV%, 2.88GAA, 3SO, 1604SA

Block Buster (DCD) - 22GP, 6-10-3, 0.909SV%, 2.75GAA, 1SO, 614SA


S70: The Revitalization

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