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Robin Gow Gets Some Rest


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RIGA, Latvia - Up until the trade deadline, young centre Robin Gow of the Riga Lynx has been playing a ridiculous amount of minutes for the team. Being the only centre on the entire team, Mike Szatkowski decided that he would play on every single line! Some nights would see his time on ice upwards of 36 minutes a game and for most of the season he led the entire league in time on ice. This kind of stat from a forward is usually unheard of in hockey leagues. When trade deadline came around, Kameron Taylor was brought in and would take the top centre role away from Gow. Luckily now Gow is only averaging 27-28 minutes a game and can focus more of his energy on getting points than just worrying about being able to last the game.


Since the trade Gow has lost the lead on time on ice across the entire league but still sits in the top 5. His average is still close to 32 minutes a game even after 11 games of having Taylor above him which just goes to show how much he was really playing. It was perfect time as now Riga is a shoe in for the playoffs and he can get some much needed rest before those tough games start.

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