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Fans of the HC Davos Dynamo absolutely cannot believe the late seasons troubles that have stricken the team. Those troubles have come against primarily the Riga Reign. 


In Game 304, the Reign pulled off a 4-2 victory over the Dynamo, who have at times been coasting through the season. This had led to the occasional loss and the occasional pep talk from Captain Thomas Landry. In the past this has done the trick and snapped Davos back into remaining fiercely competitive. Not too much thought was given to the defeat.


In Game 306, the Reign commenced the beatdown on the Dynamo, with a 7-2 shellacking of Davos. Mikey Blade and Brennan McQueen both had 3 points in the contest. Davos fans were in shock. It is rumored that Landry lit into the team the second the locker room door closed, he was not pleased. As the season draws close to an end, a collapse like this is unacceptable, and Davos knew that. Fortunately, they would have a chance to remedy the situation soon.


Game 317, Riga and Davos face off for the third time during this recent period. The Dynamo looked much more prepared and poised for victory. Not a one of them want to let down their fans, coach, or Landry. A 1-1 game went into the 3rd period, both goalies battling in a close knit game. Matteo Gallo however broke Moher's defenses and found the twine 12 minutes into the period, Davos wasn't able to answer back. Even though HC Davos' goalie gave them 24 saves on 26 shots, they couldn't manage a victory. 


Does this spell the end for Davos' early season dominance? Could this shift their momentum into a downward spiral heading into the playoffs? The fans are wary of a collapse, and the way things have been looking, perhaps they should be. One thing is certain, no one wants to be in a room alone with Landry right now.



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