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Ridiculous Accusations from Bratislava GM


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It is not very often that we hear accusations as serious as the ones we heard this week, which travelled swiftly across the VHL and VHLM in their entirety. The accusations is question, which came from Bratislava General Manager Seth Plaut, are that the Yukon Rush organization has been paying off game officials all season. 





Why were these accusations made, you ask? Is there actually evidence to substantiate Mr. Plaut's claims, or were these accusations made simply because the Rush have a 9-0 record against the Watchmen this season?


We could not reach Austin Gow, General Manager of the Rush, for questioning. We did, however, reach the newly appointed Assistant GM who, most likely, has no authority to speak on behalf of the organization to the media. Here is what he had to say:


"As far as General Manager Gow, myself, and the rest of the Yukon organization are concerned, these claims are false, unwarranted, and Seth Plaut has removed all credibility that he had before this incident. This is clearly an attack on our organization and we won't buy into it. We're more than happy to assist league investigators any way that we can."

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