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Interview with Yukon’s GM


     Welcome to the Claude Giroux News Network! This week, we are switching things up, as the notorious Gow cousin “The J-Man”, has been fired as our interviewer. Instead, we have hired Don Draper to be our new interviewer. In this week’s edition, Don Draper ask Yukon Rush GM Austin Gow a series of questions.


1.      Mr. Gow, you have seen tremendous success this season at the helm of the Yukon Rush organization. What factors do you attribute to the success you and your team have experienced this season?


I’d say the number one reason for our success is our team chemistry. Coming into the season, we knew we had enough talent to make a good run in the playoffs. However, there have been plenty of talented teams in the past who have failed due to lack of chemistry and teamwork. I am proud to say that every member of the Yukon Rush is a team-first player, with everyone willing to put in the dirty work such as extra practice time.




2.      You came into this season after a very disappointing loss in last year’s Founder's Cup finals to the Bratislava Watchmen. What's different this year?


The biggest difference in Yukon between this season and last season is the talent differential. Last year, I feel as though we maximized our talents due to excellent chemistry and teamwork. In fact, I find it a miracle we even defeated the Watchmen twice in last season’s cup, as they were stacked. This year, the difference is that I consider Yukon to be the stacked team. On paper, I believe Yukon has more talent than the rest of the VHLM.


3.      How have you, as a GM, grown since your rookie season?


 I’ve learned to become very adaptable since my rookie season. When I first joined Yukon, I had a set plan that I planned on following that looked great on paper. However, things do not usually work out as planned, so I’ve learned to be adaptable along the way. For example, my recent trade with Oslo to acquire Hallstrom and Riggs was completely out of the blue. Oslo’s GM was not able to find a trading partner for those two fine young players, so I swooped in and made a deal even though I had nothing to offer in terms of picks.


4.      Since we are already on the subject of your rivalry with Bratislava, how do you feel about the recent accusations made by Watchmen GM Seth Plaut regarding Yukon being involved in a bribery scheme with league officials?


 I’m offended that Mr. Plaut would suggest such a thing. However, I believe that these charges will soon be dropped after I give him $500,000 a stern lecture.




5.      Yukon has one of the most diverse rosters in the league. Your locker room has a lot of experience in it, but also a lot of new talent. Does this generally work, as far as chemistry goes, or do you see clashes between levels of experience and age?


I think combining experience with talent is the best way to construct a team. The experienced players can teach the new players what it means to be a professional hockey player. In fact, I’d go so far as to say some of Yukon’s veterans this year have been like extensions of my coaching. At the same time, the new players come in with all kinds of talent and potential, and the best way to maximize their talent is through their learning from the veterans.


6.      There were a lot of questions about your judgment after this year’s dispersal draft. Now that we are nearing the end of the season, how would you respond to those questions?


I think a lot of people questioned me selecting Don Draper with the 10th pick. Many mock drafts had Draper going in the mid second round at the earliest. I would respond to those questioning my decision by telling them to look at how successful a season Draper has had. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut pick, and I’m glad things worked out with Draper.


We here as CGNN would like to thank Mr. Gow for answering our questions. Join us next week as we ask Riga's GM a bunch of questions about giraffes!




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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

720 words. Normally interview's are gay, but you had some really good questions and some solid answers to boot. I do think you need to get away from the Draper fascination/love/obsession.

Grammar: 2/2

ask = asks

dispersal draft = Dispersal Draft

Appearance: 1/1

The numbers and the spacing beside them was a bit weird looking.

Overall: 6/6

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