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Most ive been active ever?

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In Season 37 a young Grecian defenseman named Dimothenis Vlasis declared for the VHL Entry draft and not many people though something of it. His player agent Shawn Howard didn’t have much success in bringing young talent into the VHL. He came in with a paltry 31 TPE, but with time he began to show up more and more to practice. The season started on March 11th 2014, but Vlasis has been showing up to practices since February 11th 2014. The season has now ended on April 11th 2014. Thats 8 weeks, in 8 weeks Vlasis has gained 70 TPE (including this 1 point). 70/8 is 8.75 practice hours per week, which I think is a record for myself. I have never been more active in my life, I attribute this success for the interest and fun I'm having with the boys in Turku. In Season 37 Vlasis has played in 72 games, scoring 34 goals and adding 62 assists for 96 points. He also finished with a +19 and a team leading 154 blocked shots.

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