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Effort: 2/2 - Clearly

Look: 3/3 - I don't really like the stroke on the text, but I'm not going to ding you for that.  This is very, very nice.  Love the stockwork and the overall look to this.  

Creativity: 1/1 - Yep


Total: 6/6

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Effort: 3/3 - Mhm.

Look: 2.75/3 - I don't like this as much as sheriff, but this is still really good.  I agree that the text could be better - usually strokes/drop shadows don't look as good.  Also, while I like the stock work I feel like there could be just a tiny bit more to it (although that might be moreso a matter of personal taste).  Also, this could use better lighting and the render looks a bit LQ. 

Creativity: 1/1

Total: 5.75/6



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