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It seems that the Bears just may pull off the Cinderella comeback at this rate, and it may be because they have found the solution to their problems. His name is SEA G. Throughout the season the Seattle back-up played behind the failure known as Steven Smyl, and whenever called upon he got the job done. SEA G is now 8-0-1 this season, giving the Bears points for their playoff chase in every appearance. While he may be getting death threats from Calgary fans, it’s clear that the better Seattle goalie has been with them the entire time. Smyl has now been riding the pine for three straight games and it’s believed that it will continue due to SEA G’s hot streak.


“I’m disappointed,” said Smyl. “It’s deserving though. The team expects me to be able to hold my own on the ice and even with the best of the best in front of me, there is still nothing I can do. If Seattle isn’t going to give me a chance to prove myself though, this may very well be the end of my career. I know that if given another chance that I would finally be able to turn things around. So, Seattle fans, I have just one thing to ask you right now: take to social media and voice your concerns. We will get me a start! Free Smyl!”


No one posted on the social medias and no one cared. 

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