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Lennox Moher positions self well for most-improved in S38


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"Will it ever get better?"

Lennox Moher positions self well for most-improved in S38


DAVOS, SWITZERLAND -- "Will it ever get better?" Davos coach/GM Victor Alfredsson muttered under his breath after an exhausting 3-2 overtime win against the horrid Calgary Wranglers.  Alfredsson was of course referring to his goaltender, who let in 2 goals on 17 shots. That total, in itself is not bad, but Moher has continued to flounder in net, now ranking as the worst goalie in the league besides computerized hologram HEL G.


When asked about Alfredsson's comment, Moher responded, "I dunno, man. I just don't know. Maybe? Hopefully, but probably not? I dunno."


A very unsure answer, Moher has been even more unsure in net, mustering just a 91.5 SV% with only 6 games left. That's behind every netminder that is younger than him and his been a source of much pain and anguish after a terrific start to his season.

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