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Could Tukio win Most Improved?


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It's been an up and down season for Tuomas Tukio. He didn't know what to expect when he landed in Quebec City in the off-season when traded from Helsinki where he played for 6 seasons. Tukio has been one of the best goalies of the past 7 seasons now, but it's resulted in no individual recognition. No doubt Tukio takes a lot of criticism around the league, but he's never been an outspoken player in the league.


After reading another thread, I got wondering if Tukio had a spot on the Most Improved ballot? There's only been one goalie to win the award and it was just last season. I know goalie stats aren't as nice as goals/points, but a gain of even 0.001 in the SV% category is really good, but doesn't look as good as a goal does when comparing stats. Anyway here are the stats, I don't know who else is in contention and there could be 5 other players more deserving for all I know.



39-21-4 0.921SV% 2.35GAA 3SO 20/26 Penalty Shots



43-19-1 0.930SV% 1.82GAA 13SO 26/29 Penalty Shots


+4 wins, +0.009SV% -0.53GAA, +10SO, +13% PS save%


To be honest though, Connor Low for Most Improved.

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