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And It Begins!


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Hi everyone how is life in lame world? I hope the blow up dolls,dildos, fake cunts are treating you all very good...actually I really don't give a fuck! Just wanted to make this statement and attach a fucking poll.


Now I am sure about 80-90% want me to be banned as fast as possible. So I am here to purpose something to everyone. I get pleasure out of being an ass and you guys get me closer to being banned. What am I talking about? its actually quite simple my simple minded folk! All you have to do is actually vote yes to allow me to use the player name and back story that I want. Doing this will let me do what I intend on doing, but also will get me closer to that line that I have flirted with oh so many times. The line of being perma banned. 


Now you must being asking what you the person reading this get out of this. The answer my simple minded user is very simple.


What you get

1) Watching me be myself not a censored Robbie 

2) Pleasure of fuck you to the mods 

3) By saying it will not offend you in anyway gives me unleash this fucking player to the most craziest level I can. Trust me the back story on this guy is fucking nuts! But in doing this I will ruffle a ton of feathers and may somewhere down the road get banned. Now don't you want to be known as one of the people that got me banned?


What I get

1) The pleasure of being an asshole


You and the league cannot lose in this situation, you can only gain. I do not intend on getting banned, I intend to flirt with that line a few times but not cross it. BUT if I am allowed to create this player and name him what I want (you all know what the name is) it will give me more slack on that short leash that people like Jardy have put me on, and you all know what happens when more slack is given. I will get closer and closer to that line and BOOM it will be crossed. So vote yes and say a big fuck you to the league! If you say no like a shit ton of you losers will that's fine, because me posting this is already enough for me. Oh and no I will not claim this as a point.


Also keep in mind I have another player as a back up


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