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Nicklas Lindberg vs Ordinary Tordahl


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As we race to the end of Season 37 a battle for the league lead in points is currently going on. While Odin Tordahl had a sizeable advantage the majority of the last portion of the season, Nicklas Lindberg burst onto the scene recently to seize the lead.


Currently Tordahl with the Americans has 5 games remaining while the Legion only have 2 left. However Lindberg sits at 113 points to Odin's 109. It'll be interesting to see which of the two players finishes the year on top of the league. 


For Odin it has been a great transition to New York, one that has seen him become a prominent player on a up and coming team that after most of the season is now struggling to remain spoiler to a rebounding Seattle Bears squad. Meanwhile Lindberg has been a Toronto lifer who has flown under the radar for several seasons. While he certainly has been a productive player, this year could truly be the coming out party for the Toronto super star. One that says to the league I'm here to dominate, and I'll keep the Legion alive and pumping. Toronto has clinched the top of the North American conference and earned themselves the bye for the playoffs thanks in large part to the efforts of Lindberg.


Both of these men could see multiple nominations for awards this season, but the race for the lead league in points could come down to the bitter end of the season. 

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