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Kameron Taylor has entered the 50/50 club as of today with the Reign victory over the Vasteras Iron Eagles. taylor has now posted 50 goals and 50 assists on the season in what he would say is a step back from last season. 100 points isn't something to shake your head about though, his performance hasn't tailed off since being traded from Cologne at the trade deadline. Taylor was impressed when he got the 50 goals as he actually had no clue how many goals he had tallied on the year.


"I want the cup, I don't care about my personal statistics. I honestly haven't thought about any plateau when it comes to assists, goals or anything. I play the game, I grow a beard and I try to eclipse a cup victory", said Taylor post-game.


The Reign have two more games left for Taylor to help his team possible go in front of the Iron Eagles for the second spot in the standings. It wouldn't be the first time Taylor and Spud go on a late season surge to unseed the Vasteras franchise.

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