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Molholt Podcast Requests


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I intend to do absolutely nothing tomorrow, so I figured I could do one of the two point podcasts this week. Now, I could just talk about myself, my player, or Davos (those are the only things I know anything about) OR you could ask me questions.


Because I know very little, if you ask me VHL related things that I don't know anything about, I will have to research them. This forces me to learn things. This will likely be horrible, but we won't know until it's over.


I don't expect much, but I'll take what I can get. The quality will be largely dictated by what I receive (or don't) from here. So I blame you guys. 

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What is the best way for a new member with no "reputation" or previous player, to get noticed by prospective GMs? I do my PT's, but don't really speak to anyone here and don't want to be that annoying new guy saying Hi to everyone, trying to start conversations. Do I just keep doing PT's and hope that people notice an effort? Thank you Molholt.

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If you havent done your next one before the series ends, (if not recap that bitch) what do you think will happen in the series? games and player wise.


Thought on Wolf possibly kissing your ass next season? (quite literally)


Best part of being in Davos? Worst Part?


Favorite teammate on Davos?


Next season Brovy will be gone and Zamora could potentially leave, what do you want to happen next season for Davos to compete?


Olsen, beast or bust? Other olsen?


Favorite member on VHL?

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If Davos decides to re-tool next season, would you wanna stay in Davos or move to a contender


Give us your World Cup predictions


I assume you watch football being from the southern us,  do you watch baseball as well?  if so who do you cheer for in both sports?

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New one up! 




Answered everything up to this point, talked about some other stuff as well.


Anyways, opening the floor back up for next week. Will likely have plenty of Finals/WC/Offseason stuff going on, but anything else is fine to. Will bump closer to time as well. 


Thanks for the questions this week!


I also tried to make it easier to hear Smarch, thanks for the feedback.

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