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Those Were the Best Days of My Life


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Hockey players have something we plebs call feelings and emotions. However, they experience it slightly different than us. 


Villenueve today was seen in the Plug Room alone dancing and singing his heart out to a number of songs. He spent countless hours disco-style dancing to 90s and early 2000s  rock songs such as Last Train Home by the Prophets, Semi-Charmed Life by Third-Eye Blind, Mr Jones by the Counting Crows etc.


When he finally exited his man-cave he was apprehended by a reporter (me!) and asked if this was a coping mechanism for the stress of being a professional hockey player. All he did was look at me silently for a moment and then burst out laughing. He laughed for a good couple minutes and walked away singing Summer of '69.


I never did get the answer as to whether this was a coping mechanism he has, but whatever it is, it seems to produce one of the smile-iest faces walking on planet earth. From what I can gather, it would be beneficial to everyone to sometimes take a moment out of their lives to just enjoy themselves - to relieve stress or not, because in the great words of Snoopy: 



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