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RIGA, Latvia  - With the Riga Reign performing as a top flight team since the trade deadline, there's lots of excitement in that aspect. Not only that but all season there has been a rookie of the year candidate on the team in Slaeter Fjorsstrom who has pretty much the number one D all season until Spud arrived. But after Fjorsstrom there is another defender who has not been talked about pretty much at all by anybody this season and that is Phil Villeneuve. This is his first season in his young career and while his offensive numbers aren't at a top notch defender they are very solid. He has 10 goals and 34 assists in 70 games this season which is very solid and could always improve. But where he's shining is defensively where he has 168 hits and 144 shots blocked.


Currently sitting as the 3rd best defender on the Reign, Phil could easily improve to be a number one defender in the future. He's actually really picked up his pace lately and improving much faster than any point of his career. Riga fans need to start getting excited about Villeneuve as he is pants popping himself.

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