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New Bern GM Wants Goal Song Changed


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Following a change of hands in the franchise, going from Tyler Barabash to Alex Staal as head honcho in Bern, there were already changes made both on and off the ice.


The Bern front offices have been painted in the team's color scheme, adding more team pride and identification with its employees and managerial staff.


In the games since Staal has become GM, he has attended every game. He would greet the fans on the main concourse upon their arrival. His presence at these games has brought the fan's morale to an all-time high as they have been cheering and booing as loud as ever before. Upon attending these games, there was one thing that caught the General Manager's ear and that he had started working upon changing up.


The team's current goal song, "Song 2" by Blur is not an uncommon song to be played at sports venues around the world. Being inspired by Chicago's switch to "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratellis, in an attempt to attract younger fans to the games, GM Staal has decided to along that route as well. The Fratellis were a respected underground band before their song was blared at the Madhouse on Madison almost every night.


Nothing is official yet, but rumors have been swirling among team fan accounts that the song of choice starting at the playoffs will be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi-7xwh8Z6I. The song is known for it's catchy opening melody that would fit perfectly with a rowdy hockey crowd.


Just another day at the office for the boss.

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