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(S70) LW - korbin piatt JR, TPE: 30

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Some of the other GMs may throw you an offer.


GM of the Ottawa Lynx here, winners of the 67 Founders Cup. The Ottawa Lynx are looking for a third line forward to take us to the playoffs! You would be a huge piece on the team! I can offer you third line minutes with the ability to move up if you stay active. Just quote this post and say accept to be a part of the Lynx!


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Hey @daddyklingberg


First off, welcome to the league! I wanted to take a couple seconds and reach out as we think Korbin Piatt Jr. would be a good fit to our team! 


Join the Aces! 


Currently, we are at the bottom of the league, I know you probably looked at the standings and saw that, but with me officially the New General Manager, I am not going to sit back and just watch that happen. This is the time where I think our players can shine. We have a few defenseman who are in the top leaderboard in a few categories, but it's time to get some other players there. I would love to help you build the player you want to make. That's the type of GM in which I will be. I want you to be the player you want to be while I fit you into our system. I am always there to help with builds or any questions you may have on the league. 


So, how about we make Vegas your home and make VHL GMs want you to be part of their team? I know you will receive a few offers, so I wish you the best if you do not choose to take your talents to Vegas (though I hope you do!). 

Just quote this offer if you accept!

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