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The career of Rylan Peace.

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Rylan Peace's regular season career is officially over as the Toronto Legion slip and slide into their playoff birth on a streak their players would like to forget. Although the mid-season was kind to the Legion, their current record is less than desirable, and it seemed like nothing they did could correct the issues they were having despite some competitive statistics with both the advanced stats and scoring chances categories.

Today we'll recap his career from the initial entrance into the VHLM with Halifax to his inevitable exit with Toronto following the conclusion of the Legion's post-season, regardless of where they finish in the upcoming playoffs. It would be nice for Peace and team to go all-the-way... but it's unlikely to happen considering the more talented teams ahead of them. 

Rylan Peace entered the VHLM during the tail end of season sixty two when he signed an entry level introductory commitment contract that enabled him to play for the the Halifax 21st VHLM hockey club, and officially established the Peace Player Agency (TPPA) as a player talent registration for the Victory Hockey League. Their flagship player, which the agency was named after, wound up joining Halifax for twenty six games during their regular season and went on to cement a career tendency that followed him throughout his career. Peace recorded ten points in those twenty six games, splitting them evenly with five goals and assists each. 

During his debut season, Rylan Peace moved from the forth line to mixed duties between the second and first line with Halifax as he rapidly developed on a moderately deep club. By the time the playoffs hit, he was a certified second line player across the majority of the teams in the VHLM... although Peace's playoff performance fizzled out as Halifax was defeated in the second round of the VHLM playoffs. Peace never scored a goal, registering a sole assist as his lone point in the eight playoff games he dressed in. 

Following the conclusion of his first partial season, Rylan Peace entered the draft and was selected by the Saskatoon Wild in the second round. Additionally, Peace was also drafted twelve overall in the VHL Entry Draft, but more on that later. Back then the VHLM was a far more condensed league, so eight overall was actually 'early' in the second round of the Dispersal Draft. With Saskatoon Rylan would achieve much more personal success - although he was snuffed from any personal awards. During season sixty three, Rylan Peace would wind up serving as Saskatoon's assistant general manager... and eventually acting general manager as their captain went missing in action. 

Peace would score ninety one points for the Wild during the season, and was named team Captain by an internal leadership vote. Peace scored forty six goals, while contributing forty five assists for (almost again) a near split in point production. During the season Peace was named interim general manager, which in a press conference, mistakenly said 'intern' in a text-based interview he concluded with VSN. In the playoffs the Wild would win the championship, but Peace wasn't the most productive member of the team like he was during the regular season. Trades made brought in better players, and despite a stronger lineup sharing similar production, Peace wound up earning himself seven goals and three assists (for ten points) in eleven playoff games... finishing - surprisingly - with a negative one plus/minus rating. 

Moving up into the VHL - after expending a season of his eligible career in the minors - he joined the cup favorites in Riga after he was drafted twelve overall by them in the entry draft, while also being passed by the Helsinki Titans. Riga had just won the cup, and they were poised to do so again with perhaps the strongest roster in the VHL. After reporting in with the club, Riga GM Hedge would slot the rookie on the third line with Mikko Pajajari thinking the apparent shooting/passing chemistry between the two would blossom. They were projected to be the best third line in the league, but it just didn't happen the way the club thought they would. 

Rylan Peace's rookie season was 'good' for a rookie, but the player was disappointed with his production because he knew he could do better than how he did. Rylan Peace's twenty four goals and twenty two assists (again... nearly a split point production) weren't enough to give him the top rookie award. Riga did well that season, however, and easily made the playoffs on the effort of their top line. Peace started the playoffs alongside Riga's dynamic duo in Cast and Reencarnation. In the first four games of the playoffs, and despite Riga trailing the series, Rylan Peace had found success with his line mates. He scored two goals and two assists in those four games... and then he was benched for the remainder of the playoffs. Riga was down three-one in the series, fought back to tie it, and were eventually eliminated in game seven. 

Peace quietly implied he wanted to be traded from the club after being benched for games five, six and seven. 

He was then traded to the HC Davos Dynamo, where he was forced to play alongside VHLM rival Elias Dahlberg

As the season begun for Peace's first as a Dynamo - which would end up being his career high - he found immediate success alongside Elias as the clubs top center. Oh yeah, that's right... he switched from his natural position on the right wing to a center for the club. Rylan Peace would go onto scoring fifty one goals for the Dynamo, while earning fifty two assists for... once again... a nearly total split in point production. Unfortunately the Dynamo missed the playoffs that season, but the hype was building. 

Now Peace'll be the first to admit that his second and final season with the Dynamo was individually sub par as the club added talent and depth, although his eighty five points would help carry the Dynamo into the playoffs. Rylan Peace, alongside Elias Dahlberg and other members of the Dynamo, would publicly criticize an irrational decision made by Dynamo GM that send away talent close to the trade deadline - but more importantly the GM traded himself to a different team that was looking like they had a stronger chance at a championship. The team was doing alright, and while it wasn't as expected, the trade ultimately wounded both the confidence in the leadership and the on-ice product. 

Peace would score eleven points in the playoffs (five goals and six assists) and was traded as soon as possible following the conclusion of Dynamo's second round exit. This season marked the first (and only) season he'd end up being more of a 'playmaker'. Rylan Peace's goal production dropped with the likes of Svoboda and Dragomir flanking him along the wings on the top line. Rylan Peace's adventure with the Dynamo ended when he was traded to the Toronto Legion for a full set of draft picks. 

Rylan Peace would begin his career with the Legion as the teams top center despite facing natural depreciation in the upcoming seasons. A high cost to pay, but one the Legion GM was clearly okay paying, as not long after the trade the newly acquired Legion was announced as the replacement GM for Toronto when the current (and still present GM) retires. Rylan Peace returned to successful roots with the Legion, producing nearly ninety points (89) while also - like his classic self - nearly splitting the point production between goals and assists. He scored forty goals and registered forty nine assists for eighty nine points. 

The Legion, however, were defeated in first round of the playoffs in a heartbreaking five game series. Rylan Peace registered seven points in the five postseason matches, but it simply wasn't enough to get the team over the hump.

The following season saw Peace hit natural depreciation as his body aged, and the fast paced high energy game of the VHL started to wear his body down. Despite being less than he was before, Peace still managed to achieve a point-per-game pace and once again nearly split his point production. He scored thirty five goals and recorded thirty eight assists for seventy three points in seventy two games, but it was nothing special - so there's really nothing special to write home about consequentially. In the playoffs Peace seemed out of place, earning only four assists in a first round exit for the Legion.

Finally - in his final season - Rylan Peace lead his Toronto club in points with seventy one in a full seventy two game schedule. Like clockwork his point production was split almost evenly between goals and assists, as he finished the season with thirty six goals and thirty five assists. Over his career he reached the two hundred goal milestone, while also hitting two other significant milestones by reaching two hundred assists and four hundred points


Peace was rarely acknowledged as a skilled player by his peers, league fans and observers... but the stats speak for themselves, and he was arguably one of the best non-physical two-way players in the Victory Hockey League during his career. He never received recognition, however, partially because he was a non-physical player. This season he regressed into a more 'veteran' role as the amount of checks he threw this season went up by hundreds in comparison with the rest of his career. Sadly it was already too late, but would he have won an award in season sixty five had he had two hundred and forty five hits? Maybe, just maybe.  



1602 words, claiming for the next three weeks. 

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On 12/23/2019 at 6:31 AM, Peace said:


Peace was rarely acknowledged as a skilled player by his peers, league fans and observers..

A 50 goal and 100 point season and not a skilled player? I’d go with one of the most underrated players of the S63 class. 

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