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NYA/MAL; S69 off-season

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This really sucks honestly...


I wanted to bring McWolf back and had confidence I could make the cap work but I don't think itll be doable with where my situation is now.


Ultimately @McWolf wasnt a lock to come back anyway as I know he was considering FA but I had hoped I'd be able to make an extravagant pitch but have been unable to clear the cap necessary to do so.


An exemplary teammate and a wonderful member.  Any team will be lucky to have him including NY if he chooses to end his career where it began. 


I'm sorry I couldnt make it work.  I'm sorry I didnt give you the season you wanted as well.  Wasnt the best season for any of us but you stuck by with a great attitude and I hope I can play with you once again soon.


Otherwise I felt it made sense to get something for his rights since I cant even attempt to sign him at the moment.


Thanks for the easy deals @Esso2264

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Thanks @Advantage. This one season in Malmo was a blast. We were way worse than we should have been, but shit happens. You built a good team and should be a threat once again this season. I'll be rooting for you to win the EU once again. If you do, I might start to think there's something wrong with me though.


I'll miss @Phil. Hitting buddies o7

And @GustavMattias. I'm sorry I stole your thunder last season, you're free to be #1 dman again.

And I'll miss a lot of others.


That being said, it's time to look forward. I was excited to hit free agency for the first time ever this offseason, but as @Esso2264 said

2 hours ago, Esso2264 said:

welcome home french boi @McWolf

New York does feel like home to me. I have unfinished business there and I kinda owe it to you after I went inactive and you traded me for cheap. Let's talk about that contract, my baguette.

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