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MAL/PRG; S69 off-season

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And thus ends Materazo's time in Malmo..


He was our best player coming out of Expansion and as someone who played with him in NY, I was excited to add the member as much as I was the player.


@Matt_O is hardly shy about his feelings and I had to reign him in here and there when he goes after Seattle (Bana and Funk know) but he was nothing but a great teammate in our LR.


He is Malmo's all time leading scorer and was an assistant captain for much of his time in Malmo.


I know Matt has taken a step away to deal with a few things but plans on returning.  Ideally I would have liked him to retire in Malmo, but like others, someone had to be a victim of the cap situation and unfortunately, Materazo became that.


Thanks for being so cool with being a member of Malmo back when I selected you Matt, and while I know you have been a bit underwhelmed by Materazos career, I hope you've had a great time on the team.  I hope I can get your next player when the time comes.


Thanks for the quick dealings @diamond_ace

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He goes from one expansion team to another, and if he comes back I look forward to working with him. Obviously I'm pretty familiar with him, I was his boss after all (when he was GM of Vegas) and yeah a bit on the vocal side but on the whole still a good guy and someone I gladly welcome to the team

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