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Team Awards--S69

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Welcome to the official Hounds award show, done each season for the team, you know the deal. Some of our awards have been given names, some haven't, we'll get everything named eventually, I promise.



Goals Leader: Patrik Tallinder (63)

Assists Leader: Finnegan MacBurn (81)

Points Leader: Kris Rice (137)


Guy Sasakamoose Award (Most Underrated Player):

Aleksandra Olsen/Jimothy Frost (3 votes each)

Others receiving votes: Dick Cheezy (1)


Cody Smith Award (Top Two-Way Forward):

Kris Rice/Patrik Tallinder (3 votes each)

Others receiving votes: Dick Cheezy (1)


Hulk Hogan Award (Best Defenseman):

Will Clarke (5 votes)

Others receiving votes: Finnegan MacBurn (2)


Berocka Sundqvist Award (Best Free Agent/Waiver Signing):

Kyl Oferson (3 votes)

Others receiving votes: Jared Spaz (2), Roque Davis (2), Ola Vikingstad (1)



Jimmy Spyro (5 votes)

Others receiving votes: Will Clarke (1), Kris Rice (1)



Congratulations to our winners!

@Patrik Tallinder @DizzyWithLogic @Krice13 @GlowyGoat @Frostbite @goldenglutes @Will @Nykonax @Spyro

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