D.C. Dragons Assistant GM [HIRED]

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With @McWolf on his way out, I want to start a search for his replacement - stat. Your duties would include:


1. If I'm busy in a week, posting press conference questions and trivia answers for the team.

2. If I'm gone for more than a few days, sending in lines as per my instructions.

3. Helping out with scouting leading up to the draft.

4. Keeping our Discord LR active

5. Above all else, being a wall for me to bounce ideas off of. McWolf heard all sorts of draft, trade, free agency, etc. musings, and would raise any sort of issues that could arise from whatever asinine plan I came up with to ensure I had considered all facets of my plans before going forth with it.


If you think you can do all those, PM me, yes PM, I won't care if you answer in this thread. The PM can come on Discord or on the site, no difference to me. Just pop in and say hey and we'll have a conversation.


Thanks for the interest, sorry for the weird posting, looking forward to hearing from you.

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