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Alex Bridges

The Bridges VS Newman Rivalry

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With Jared Newman joining a day before Alex Bridges (November 21, 2019), and both of the two centers being on the Marlins, there was some competition from the start. @InstantRockstar gave @jared the start on the first line over @Alex Bridges from day one. In the San Diego Locker Room, there was always competition between Jared and Alex, they would goat it for hours. The6 didn’t hate each other, it’s a friendly rivalry type competition. When Jared made team Canada in his first year and Alex didn’t, Alex got a bit discouraged. Alex got really determined, and proved that he wanted the spot on Team USA. When playoff time came around, Alex had an advantage on TPE, around 90 TPE for Alex to 75 TPE for Jared. When draft time came, SDM falling short in the first round, Alex was picked 14th in the draft by Ottawa. Shortly after, at the 17th pick, SDM draft Jared. That brings us to this year, Alex was gone for about a week, had some issues with his career. He looked doubtful, sure enough, he came back and asked for a trade and ended up on the lovely Mexico City team, owned by @Motzaburger. Here, he is a first line center tearing it up for his team. Jared is doing well on San Diego. It will be interesting to see where this rivalry takes these two young, elite talent players, in their career.

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