Saskatoon Wild AGM & Captains Announcement

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Saskatoon Wild AGM & Captains Announcement



Hello everyone, McWolf here with an announcement regarding the management and leadership team of the Saskatoon Wild. I have been going as a solo GM since I was hired midway through last season, but it was always my intention to eventually hire an AGM, to help me with day-to-day task like preventing chaos in the locker room, recruiting newcomers and pitch in when it's time to set our lineup or talk about trades. Plus, it gives @Banackock and @diamond_ace a strong option for a replacement in the eventuality that I bail from my GM duties early again (not that I'm going to, mind you).


The man I decided to hire for this job is an old school VHLer who recently came back to give the league a second chance, after a couple of years of absence. He's been in this position before in the past, having GM'd the Oslo Storm from Season 35 to Season 37. He has also proven his leadership abilities time and time again as a player, demonstrated by the fact he won the now-retired Grimm Johnson Trophy (given to the league's best leader) twice in a row, in Seasons 36 and 37. More recently, he's shown a true passion for the VHLM, reporting "it's lit" on numerous occasions.


With all that being said, I'm really happy to announce the hiring of Thomas Landry @Doomsday as my AGM moving forward.




Now, our first order of business was to pick the three players that would be our leaders in the locker room, and represent our team on the ice. We have decided that the captain and his two alterante captains of the Season 71 edition of the Saskatoon Wild are going to be:


C - Adam Frence @Reverb

A - Cassius Gardner @jhatty8

A - Gino Alkamino @ChaceT


The three of them have been pretty active in our Discord LR so far, and I feel like they are a group around which the rest of the team will rally, as we go from underdogs to competitors in the next seasons.


Good season to all!

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