S70 Commissioners Cup

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S70 Commissioners' Cup



Game 1: HERE!

Game 2: HERE!

Game 3: HERE!


Always a fun little tournament to put on display for the rest of the league with a fun little idea behind it. If anyone ever has ideas/suggestions on how they feel like we could make the Commissioner Cup bigger, better and more enjoyable for our amazing members, please don't hesitate to reach out to myself or @diamond_ace. I do have a little idea that just popped into my head and may run it by a few but that's for another post.


Congrats to everyone involved in this tournament. We hope you get some form of excitement and enjoyment out of these games - I know drafting against DA season after season has definitely been fun. With that being said, a final shout out to my commie better half, DA, on helping make this happen, AND to our wonderful, amazing admin/simmer @Josh who got the index, teams and stuff together real quick to pull off the tournament. 


Finally, this concludes my S70 VHLM Season. Thank you to absolutely everyone involved in the VHLM - players, GM's, everyone who logs on throughout their spare time to make the league as great and strong as it is. We appreciate you and your time and efforts spent towards the league. :D 



@VHLM Commissioner



@Members  Well, apologies for this one but felt like it would be okay considering we're showcasing the leagues biggest and brightest future talent. Have a great day everyone and stay safe :) 


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