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Alex Letang's First VHLM Games

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On Wednesday March 26th, Alex Letang played in his first two VHLM games, signaling the start of his pro hockey career. Before the game, this reporter got a chance to speak to Alex about his pregame ritual and thoughts regarding the game.


Alex: "I like to sleep in a little bit, especially before a doubleheader like we have today. Sleeping was a bit tough because of the jitters, so going to try to take a pregame nap as well if possible. Just focusing on trying to relax and to eat a healthy meal to prepare for the games today."


Regarding his excitement for his VHLM debut, Alex said "I'm super excited to play today, I've been working hard this offseason to try to get my game to the pro level. I don't expect to be very flashy, the main goal is to just be consistent defensively and set our forwards up to get some scoring chances."


And solid defensively he was, going +1 on the day (-1 and +2 against Minnesota and Houston respectively). He was also able to tally his first VHLM point during the second game of the day, a 7-3 rout of Houston. He contributed the secondary assist on Conner Tanner's first of the season. It was a great game for Letang to get his first assist, as this type of game will surely be what Las Vegas will aim to emulate over the rest of the season. 10 players registered a point in the game, with 5 players registering a multi-point effort.


Alex Letang will surely remember this day not only for the milestone he reached, but for the journey it has began. Letang will look to continue to build off his skating and defensive skills to factor into more scoring plays, allowing for more team performances such as the one against Houston.

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