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Killy Foilen Biography

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Killy Foilen - Biography






Born and Raised in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Killy Foilen started a wretched type life under the parents of Tyrone and Susan Foilen, hard nosed parents who often mistreated their child. However, they both loved the game of hockey, and raised Killy in the life of the sport, surrounded by family who knew about his parents harsh ways, and always stuck around to make sure he was safe. By the age of 5, Killy was already in multiple Hockey Little Leagues, and continuously putting on a show for all the scouts, including some VHLM Scouts. As he continued to grew, it was obvious he had the physical talent and nature to be a great potential VHL star, he was aggressive, and determined to make his name known, due to his hatred of his parents, he was also determined to prove them wrong, that he could actually be someone, mean something one day, as they always told him he was a nobody, and that nobody would ever love him. As he went on in Elementary School, he made a lot of friends, but due to his dad's job, was moving around a lot from Minnesota, to Dallas, to California, and eventually to Las Vegas. This is where things would take a turn for the worse with Killy and his nearing future. At 10 he was still making noise as an up and coming hockey player, grabbing points all across the board, however, this would all change one day. As his dad picked him up from School, he was drunk and driving at 70 MPH on a highway, all of a sudden, they crashed into a gas truck, and the car was immediately lit on fire. His dad died instantly, but Killy was forced to suffer, and quite literally burn alive as he saw his life wash away. All of a sudden, someone was there, someone that would be his mentor for life, and save it for one, Jet Jaguar, @gorlab


Middle School



After the crash, his mother was devastated, and blamed Killy due to his love and dedication to Hockey, from there, she disowned him, leaving him alone with no one to look up to. Though, there was one person that was always there for him growing up, his cousin Jet Jaguar. From there he would go to live with his uncle in Moscow, a long journey from his home in the USA. He knew it would be tough to leave his mother, but it was a choice he would have to make in order to start a new chapter in his life. Going into 6th grade at that moment, there were some things inside of him that he couldn't hide anymore, things that would change everyone's perspective on him, but would unlock his true potential that was laying to waste inside of him. 6th grade was an up and down year for him, as he spent the year preparing for the 7th Grade Hockey Tryouts, as well as bonding with Jet and become something, someone more. In the summer of 6th grade, Killy got asked out on a date by Macy Jane, a popular girl who had her eye on him since the start of the summer. However, a lot of things would go wrong on that date, as Macy would try desperately to make him her's, but a revelation would come out, that Killy was gay. He had known ever since the crash, since his life changed, but he couldn't ever get it out, as he felt that no one would appreciate him for who he was. However, it turned out exactly the opposite, as now, he had unlocked who he really was, and no longer was that the thing that was holding him back, but the thing that fueled him to be the best he can be at the game of Hockey. So going into 7th and 8th grade, he dominated on his school team, leading them both to State Titles, and doing his job in his little leagues. He knew he had made many people proud, and as he started his new journey into HS, he knew he had a bright future.


High School



Coming into the HS section of his life, Killy was an unknown freshman going into Deplane High School. He was now standing at 5'11, 190 pounds, and was looking to make an impact in Sports as soon as possible. He wasn't the smartest student, but he was making his way through HS, just waiting for Hockey Tryouts to come so that he could make his mark. Eventually, Killy would make some life long friends in @Beketov and @fever95 as they would become great friends immediately, and they were all heavily invested into making it into the VHLM, and eventually the VHL. Soon, freshman hockey tryouts came, and Killy would make himself known, not the most popular person in the school, but the best Hockey Player as he would make the freshman team and become team captain in just his first year of HS. From there he would go on to meet the love of his life, Jason Tyern, the smartest kid in the school.  They were inseparable, and quickly turned into the hottest couple, and people in the school everybody loved them. And when the time came for Hockey Season, Killy did his job as the leader of the team, racking up 67 total points, and leading the team to a 22-10 record, however, they would be bounced in the conference finals, but, Killy had made his mark so far, winning National Freshman of the Year. Sophomore year was more of the same, he would grow to 6'2, and him and Jason were taking major steps forward in their relationship. From the VHLM, multiple teams were heading to Moscow in order to see Killy and his sophomore year, where he wouldn't disappoint as this year he would actually make varsity. However, midway into his sophomore season, Killy would tear his ACL, putting him out for the rest of the season, and his whole Junior Year. This would really kill all the scouts that were looking to bring him onto their VHLM team, and it was a struggling time for Killy as his mom died, and it became even darker for him. However, he had managed to get a fire lit under him, and by the time his senior year came around, he didn't disappoint, with 95 points on the year, and leading Deplane to a 25-7 record, as well as a state title, and the MVP award. So now, he was scouted heavily by many VHLM teams, but he only had 1 in mind. The Minnesota Storm. 





Although he was heavily recruited by many teams, Minnesota, his hometown really stood out to him, he knew he would be on a championship contender team, and was looking to learn from the vets in his rookie season. Minnesota would go 53-14, good for 3rd in the league, and would make their way into the finals. However, they ended up losing to Ottawa, in 4 games, it was an up and down season for Killy himself, only gaining 5 points in the regular season, and doing terrible in the playoffs, which impacted his draft standing. However, he was picked by the Las Vegas Aces, @Matt_O and the Moscow Menace, @Victor. And these teams wouldn't regret their decision either, as in S68 Killy made a huge improvement, joining LA as they went 49-18, which was good for 2nd, and he improved to 79 points on the year, making his case known that he had a bright future there for him. Though they would lose early on in the playoffs, coming into S69, Killy chose to stay down in the VHLM one more season, and enter FA. From there, he signed with the Saskatoon Wild, and this would be the year for the Wild. They dominated the league going 68-4 and 1st in the league standings. Foilen would once again improve to a total of 106 points on the year, and they would rightfully win the championship, as he took the next stage in his career. 





Finally, Killy would enter the VHL, and Moscow was looking great for S70. They went 50-17, and despite Killy being the young star that he is, he didn't get much playing time that year due to the competing nature of the team. However, they would go on to win the chip, the 2nd one for Killy's career. Now we are in S71, and Killy is becoming a rising and budding star on a subpar Moscow team, as they are 5-3 so far on the season, he looks to make his mark on the league, and is looking like a future franchise player for Moscow.




Word Count: 1,460

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