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Hextall fights in net to keep the legion above 500

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The Legion have played their first 10 games of the season and they have won and loss the same amount of games, they sit five-five and zero. While there's no doubt that the team has some offensive power they lack defense and it can make for a shooting gallery on net. Thankfully the offensive power the team has provides a defense in another matter, keeping the puck out of their own zone. However without good goaltending to make saves against high danger chances it wouldn't matter but Hextall so far has proven to be what the team needs. The back up Gunnarsson has yet to win a game and it looks like it will be the Hextall show for the Legion. We've mentioned before that Hextall had a heavy workload in the VHLM and it won't be getting any easier in the VHL, a lot of goalies that move up to the VHL usually have a season of playing backup but Hextall won't get that luxury, the team needs him now to show signs of improvement and maybe even a chance at a playoff spot for some experience. Before the season started in a press conference GM Peace said this about Hextall.


reporter: Peace how are you feeling about Hextall's development the awards he won in the VHLM?


"I'm absolutely thrilled with Hextall and his development as a goaltender, I think he's one of the most impressive prospects I've seen. He joined the M late, and he's already soaring. If he had joined just a little later, he would have been a S71 prospect instead of a S70 prospect. He's constantly looking for ways to improve himself, always working on his skills, and that -- as a GM -- is a huge relief, honestly. That position... yeah, it's secured."


"Winning a team award is pretty amazing whenever it happens, it feels pretty good and I can tell you that from my own experience, but winning two individual awards on top of it is -- I imagine -- an emotional rollercoaster. It's my job now to make sure he continues his winning ways on the Legion by building a competitive team in front of him, so I'm hoping he wins us a few championships and himself a couple of individual awards in the VHL!"


(word count 218, not including the wonderful quotes provided to me by Piece)

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