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Sigard Gunnar gets a secret contract clause + more

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Yesterday April 3, Sigard Gunnar and the GM Bushito, sat down yesterday to talk about contracts (specifically his own). Gunnar and Bushito agreed on a new clause stating that if Gunnar chooses to play with Calgary or if he’s never traded nor released, he will become the coach of Calgary upon retirement (strictly for cosmetics I understand there is no legitimate coach.) We now look at the return of Brick Wahl to Calgary?! Brick Wahl was spotted at the lovely province of Alberta, with former Calgary teammates and their new rookie/goalie Jacques LaFontaine, after just catching up with the players, and congratulating them on their amazing play. We move on to the last topic which is about Sigard Gunnar's turn around. Sigard Gunnar Calgary's assistant/alternate captain has recently turned heads with his stellar play after falling in the S68 draft to 20th! After being ranked top 8 and even top 6 by some. He has become a solid player scoring back to back 30+ point season, and now in this season he’s on pace for 40 goals and nearly 40 assists for an on pace of 80 point range. He’s constantly developing play, and has become one of the heart and soul players of Calgary. He has just become a player with all-star potential and could even make a run for the Kevin Brooks Trophy.


That’s all for now folks, I’m your host Big Mac. 

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