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NY Americans Hall of Fame Discussion Thread

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Just a thread to talk about our history if you guys want.  Can also suggest different threads that you want me to make in here or suggest guys that should have their number retired.  I will post all updates in here as well.



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Regular Season All-Time Statistics for both Skaters and Goalies are now Updated


I will keep track of a top-20 in statistics for Skaters and a top-5 in statistics for Goalies



Goals -> Xin Xie Xiao (19th, 114), Odin Tordahl (20th, 108)

Assists -> Conner Low (15th, 209)

Points -> Conner Low (20th, 281)

+/- -> Xin Xie Xiao (10th, +109), Tom Slaughter (T12th, +93), Odin Tordahl (T19th, +86) 

Hits -> Xin Xie Xiao (6th, 835), Conner Low (7th, 823), Logan Laich (13th, 588)

SB -> Conner Low (10th, 453)

GW -> Odin Tordahl (T8th, 23), Xin Xie Xiao (T10th, 22)



Games Played -> Brick Wahl (5th, 136)

Save Percentage -> Tuomas Tukio (1st, .937)

Goals Against Average -> Tuomas Tukio (1st, 1.63)

Shutouts - Tuomas Tukio (5th, 13)

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Congrats to Higgins on Tukio becoming the all-time leader in GAA and Save Percentage! While it may have only been one season, it is easily one of the best of all-time.


Also congrats to everyone else who is moving up the charts.

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Everything updated after S40 Regular Season.


Tordahl - 1st in +/-, 1st in GWG, 3rd in Goals, 3rd in Points

Xiao - 1st in Hits, 2nd in +/-, 3rd in GWG, 5th in Goals

Low - 3rd in Assists, 3rd in Hits, 3rd in Shot Blocks, 4th in Points, 4th in +/-

Slaughter - 3rd in +/-


Brick Wahl - 4th in Starts, 3rd in Wins, 5th in Goals Against Average, 2nd in Shutouts


GM Chris Miller - 2nd in Games Managed, 2nd in Wins, 3rd in Win%, Tied for 1st in Continental Cups, 1st in Victory Cups, Tied for 1st in GMOTY Trophies

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