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In Baltimore, I participated in peaceful protests and cleanup of the neighborhood my mother grew up in because it was also my community. I was born into privilege - into a house of learned doctors - w

Would like to reserve the right to share the spoils with someone else in GrittyIsKing's position, should they come forward - much respect to Der Meister's gesture. I said in the board I'd be doing 200

Please post your transaction ID for donations made explicitly for this Donation Drive in this thread.   The league will match all contributions up to $500, and split it evenly between 2 char

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I didn't see that there was a deadline for this. And didn't see Sterling's post. Hopefully this is still good. First donation to the fam.


Transaction ID: 21W74743B9014590V

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Just a note: We are currently having some issues with the Paypal for ACLU not accepting the donation. Once that is fixed, we will post an announcement with both donation confirmations.

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